My name is Piotr. I am Cardiff based surreal portrait photographer.


Photography is an art form, an expression. It inspires and brings people together. It can tell a story and portray the most incredible visions of our mind. It is the perfect tool to send the message and connect with the world… and you know what the best part is? There are absolutely no limitations!


An exceptional eye for detail! I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Piotr thinks outside the box, is not afraid to take risks and most importantly he shares his vision and exploration with the individuals he photographs. A marvellous collaborator with exceptional creative vision.
— Margaret Kilcoyqne, Actress
Incredibly creative and enthusiastic which was evident in the end product! His warmth and dedication to the project really stood out for us and we honestly think we were very lucky to work with this amazing artist who’s creativity as a photographer is bound to bring him very far.
— Juhn Echo, Music Band
Such amazing pictures in a quick time. I would love to work with him again, the result of the photos is amazing!
— Marion Dauvilliers, Model
He naturally set up a trustworthy relationship, that made me forget about the camera. Very professional, bringing out the best out of model. The best photographer I’ve ever worked with.
— Dora Gola, Musician/Dancer


Printed art is an entirely different experience than seeing it on screen. It gives a sense of depth, transforms the interiors and creates a unique atmosphere to the place it was put in.

Gracelands Cafe, London NW10 5HD

Don't compromise on quality.

My work is printed on high quality, C-type Fuji "Flex" paper. Which delivers vivid colors, sharp edges, deep tones and is extremely abiding.

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