My biggest advice on portrait photography!

I wanted to share with you how great relationship and trust between the photographer and the model can help you create good portraits. Often it’s not all about the equipment you use but the approach and ideas you have. In photography to be open minded is to be creative, those two components together are the key to success.

    Naomi and I worked on many projects together. This time, we focused on photos for her personal blog. We went to Brixton in south London to discover great artwork, interesting markets full of fresh produce, unique organic chocolate producer, and independent coffee shop! The atmosphere of this place helped to create relaxed, happy feel to the images. It helped to build the bridge between me and the photographed person! 

My biggest advice is to talk to your models! Get to know them! Make them feel comfortable and do something fun! I can guarantee the photos will be amazing. Even the most experienced model will tell you that working with the person who you have a connection with is so much smoother than with someone you don’t. Portrait photography is not just your gear, location and the best light conditions. First of all, it’s about people and their story. 

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