Make the impossible, possible!

The best things happen when you least expect them! Josh and I would not meet each other if not the charity project I participated in “The scream of freedom” a few months ago. Josh is one of the rare artists/musicians who care about quality, originality and work hard to get where he wants to be. I like his values; that's why I didn’t think long when he asked me to create an artwork for his upcoming EP.

We met a couple of times before the photoshoot to discuss the ideas. After talking to Josh, listening to his music and reading the lyrics, I knew what kind of mood we’re after. It had to be emotional, deep, dark, intense… It almost felt like heart pain, this feeling when something inside you hurts so much, It feels like is tearing you apart. The emotional disaster you want to stop, but it never ends. I thought that fire will be a perfect symbol. Fire from the bottom of your heart… 

The idea was there, but I knew its not going to be easy. For this project, I had to do three different photo shoots to get the stock images. First Josh himself, second the actual fire and then burning charcoals for skin texture. I shot around 1000 images and have chosen 50 best for the post production.

It was hard to blend it in a way to make it look as real as possible to add a surreal, abstract and moody feel to the artwork. After long hours of clicking, masking, copying, pasting and adjusting in Photoshop I came up with two great images I am really happy with! 

"It never stops"

"When it hurts"

Thank you, Josh, for the opportunity to work with you! It was an amazing experience, and I know it's just the beginning of making impossible, possible!

Fantastic backstage photography Naomi! Thank you so much!

Piotr Skoczylas

Piotr Photography, Cardiff

Cardiff based surreal portrait photographer. Being different makes a difference.