Thank you! Charity Exhibition in Central London

“Art - The Scream Of Freedom” project took a lot of preparations and hard work and all this for a great cause! I wanted to say thank you to Katherina and Dilyana for organising this charity exhibition on 8th of March in The Gallery on the Corner in central London. It was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about domestic violence and help by selling the artwork and donating all the profits to the charity. 
    The atmosphere was beautiful thanks to Josh Davies! This talented musician created fantastic ambient music! Check out his music on Soundcloud!
    Special thank you to all the people who bought my artwork and all my friends which supported me (and still do!) through my artistic journey. Thank you for coming! It would not be possible without you! 

All images by Daria Skorus Photography. Thank you!

Piotr Skoczylas

Piotr Photography, Cardiff

Cardiff based surreal portrait photographer. Being different makes a difference.