Being different makes a difference.

                                                                Part of the project for "Magic dave"

What makes the best photographs? Passion? Hard work? Good gear? Yes. You need all this to succeed. But there are two other things which really make a difference: a story and a connection.

Anyone can pick up an expensive camera but not everyone can be a good photographer. What I think is really often a missing piece is that crucial connection between two people working together.

Which is why I want to get to know you. My goal is to connect the dots and create a link between me and the person on the other side of the lens. This makes the camera not a barrier, but a bridge.

We’re all different in our own unique way; everyone has a story to tell. For me, these are a source of inspiration. Illustrating someone’s life through photographs can create beautiful and personal pieces of artwork, to get the look you want and to show the world what you are about.

Working with people through the years thought me that individual approach is a must when it comes to portrait photography. I like to pay attention to details: those little things that say a lot about you. Finding it is so important to tell the story and create different and unique photos people will admire. 

Why not tell me your story? Maybe you’re a model looking to expand your portfolio? Or a musician looking to get artwork for your new album cover? Another artist looking for creative photos? Blogger with a need of edgy and different photographs?

Whatever your story is I am excited to hear it and turn it in to personalised photo art work.


Piotr Skoczylas

Piotr Photography, Cardiff

Cardiff based surreal portrait photographer. Being different makes a difference.